A-News Podcast: Episode 53 – Atheism And Voting


This week Lee Moore, Brian Allen, Shayrah, and Daniel are joined by Ellen Johnson (President of American Atheist from 1995-2008)

Topics: Atheism in America in the 60′s 70′s 80′s 90′s and early 00′s, Bill Moore and How Ellen Got Fired From American Atheist,  Texas is scared of tampons,  Enlighten The Vote.  Then Brian Becomes a Fanboy


Ellen was an AWESOME guest and she sent me a ton of info and pictures related to her story so here is a super-awesome link dump.


This photo of Bill Moore hangs in the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.


Atheist Jim Peck. A video of him plays at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.



Atheist James Forman (on the left). James Forman was the Executive Secretary of SNCC. He was the organizer of the Bill Moore memorial walk.


Atheist Bill Moore is memorialized on this memorial



A plaque dedicated to Atheist Bill Moore at the Binghamton, New York Greyhound Bus Terminal.


Actress Madeleine Sherwood (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, The Flying Nun) being carried away after trying to finish Bill Moore’s walk.



The Freedom Walkers departing the Chattanooga, Tennessee train station and bound for Jackson, Mississippi.


Freedom Walker Eric Weinberger being arrested at the Alabama border. This photo made the cover of the New York Times.



This is the last stretch of road that Bill Moore saw. He was shot dead here. This is where we departed.


Ken Loukinen and Ellen Johnson proudly displaying the letter outside the office building of the Governor of Mississippi.



Freedom Walker Bob Zellner, Susan Scott, Ken Loukinen and I walking to the Governor’s office the next day to deliver the letter.


Bill Moore’s Letter

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