A-News Podcast: Episode 59 – Learning About Jehovah


Lee Moore, Brian Allen, Erin Fortes, Jeremy Fortes, are joined by Anton Hill, and Don Albert.

Topics: Ex Jehovahs witness talks about the past, why they don’t like blood transfusions, getting shunned by the church, sexual abuse in other churches, church charities, after that Anton expresses his concerns for the AA convention. libel and what it can do.

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2 Responses to “A-News Podcast: Episode 59 – Learning About Jehovah”

  1. Like the theme song guys. Funny
    Informative guest.each religious sect is a bit different and I think it of value to be a bit armed for dealings that may arise.

    As for your conversation with Anton I agree with his view. In fact I made an open call for Silverman to step down or be dismissed for his dishonest conduct and using his position to promote his own agenda. American Atheists deserves better.

    I also offered an open invitation for him to come on my show if he’sup for getting the same level of disrespect back that he spews out

  2. David Carr says:

    Hi guys, really good show, especially with your guest on Jehovahs Witnesses. Thanks!

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