A-News Podcast: Episode 61 – Happy Harasser


Lee Moore, Brian Allen, and Erin Fortes are joined by the always wonderful EllenBeth Wachs

Topics: EllenBeth and in-fighting, Defining harassment,  Bully Pulpit, Pro-Blogger, flirting with people, #happyrasser, Dawkins had some affairs.. apparently, then more on internet trash talkers.



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One Response to “A-News Podcast: Episode 61 – Happy Harasser”

  1. Michael Waterhouse says:

    Hi Guys, Like your stuff. I just want to note here a problem with peoples understanding of elevatorgate. Many people think it was caused by Watson’s “Guys, don’t do that” comment.As Ellen Beth pointed out, the real reason was Watson pillorying Stef McGraw in particular and Rosie St Claire et al inferentially. Labeling those with a different opinion unsupportive mysoginist etc etc. Leading to Abbie Smith and the Slymepit. There is also a back story to Dawkins Dear Muslima letter. There is a good video by a women who I can’t remember at the moment. Follow up Ellen Beths leads, it is ‘crucial’ to understanding the real causes. Specifically not Watsons initial comment. Focusing on that apparently reasonable comment has given that side an escape that is unwarranted.
    So much to say, must stop, See you later Michael.
    (I’m in Australia)

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