A-News Podcast: Episode 74 – Hereditary Religion


This Week Lee Moore, Brian Allen, and Sheila Blackadder are joined by Lance Sievert 

Topics: Thanks Obama, The Protest, Problems with Hereditary Religion,  Horrible things being done to women in the name of religion,  Views on Sex, The Pope and Atheists, The Duck Whistle Guy. You can also find Lance over at Atheism United Headquarters’ Facebook group

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  1. Richard Collins says:

    “Always pumps into my head”

    We are all prisoners, slaves of our heritage. Once our neurons get recorded they are very hard to erase and all our judgments and decisions can be actually driven by things we actually no longer intellectually believe in consciously. Converted christians report the urge to say grace before eating. This is why indoctrination of children must end. Your actions are driven subliminally.

    Thanks so much for supporting the project. The vision is to create enough awareness so that in several years actual street protests and rallies will take place in major world capitals. Our protest map is a visual statement of solidarity around the world.

    Please attend and read the message stream to keep up with news as it happens.


  2. Richard Collins says:

    The custom of forcing faith on vulnerable children is an affront to our notion of fairness and is simply a holdover from archaic ideas of patriarchy supported by institutional religions as a way of gaining or maintaining control of family life.

    There are many legal experts that now advocate changing the whole notion of parental prerogatives. Children are most certainly not the property of their parents to do with as they wish. Moreover, international law now recognizes children as person’s in their own rights with legitimate interests and rights of their own that may indeed conflict with the wishes of their parents.

    The first step in overthrowing hereditary religion must start where all revolutionary social change starts: raising consciousness. Parents are the controlling vector for the practice of forcing faith on children and those most open to change are those wounded by the way religion treated them as a child. The web has hundreds of self help sites where such apostates pour their hearts out in poignant personal narratives.

    Fear is an obnoxious form of control and fear is at the center of religious hegemony. Atheists and humanists may feel a greater sense of urgency on this issue than others. The blog Ending Hereditary Religion contains leads to research and many articles defending the rationale for ending hereditary religion.


    Twitter: @librehombre

    Also on G+

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  5. David Carr says:

    Really good show as always. Thanks all!

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