A-News Podcast: Episode 88 – Banner Banter


Lee Moore, Brian Allen and Sheila Blackadder are joined by our awesome recurring guest and amazing activist  Justin Vacula.


Justin’s “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” banner,
Recorded discussion about the banner,
Episode where Justin talks about the banner vandals,
Kids for Cash,
Justin’s YouTube,
Satanic Temple Monument,
Lee Is Not On Twitter,



After the recording of the podcast Justin was able to get the banner moved to the proper side of the scaffolding.








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5 Responses to “A-News Podcast: Episode 88 – Banner Banter”

  1. This is my first official podcast review for Apartment J and A-News.

    To be honest, I never got through a full episode of Apartment J. Really like A-News though. There’s something (or someone) this is consistently better about that podcast. Need I say Moore?

    Apartment J is fortunately–I mean unfortunately not making any episodes right now. A-News is still going strong, they have Moore Lee-way on their content, and their main interviewer has a great radio voice.

    Overall Apartment J the company is awesomely mediocre. I’d give it a healthy chunk of my Monopoly money life-savings. The only episode of the title podcast that I got most of the way through was one where this super nice and intelligent Canadian guy named Terry was a guest.

    The only thing more mundane than Apartment J is the story of why it is called “Apartment J.”

  2. The American says:

    According to the Supreme Court it is NOT illegal for a city council to pray before a meeting. Just an FYI.

  3. Didgya says:

    Get Twitter! This is your call to arms :) @Didgya ,@1angryatheist, @Antonahill, or if desperate @brianalllenaptj. Tutorial = put Twitter name in text box exp. (@leefuckingmoore) then type message to that person. Retweets work by reposting what the original tweet said to your followers. That’s good enough, now sign up! ;)

  4. David Carr says:

    Great show as always guys and Sheila. I love that opening about lee sounding like, Batman! Too funny when you’re not even trying, or, impromptu.


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